hey there - i'm Amo!

i document lovestories and weddings for all those,

who want to be soul food, not eye candy

a little bit more about me

I'm a dogmum, avid show binger and brunch enthusiast. My friends would probably tell you that promising food is always a good way to get me out of the house (pasta if you really want to make sure) and that I love to hug people.  I run on hot chocolate and anything that includes cinnamon. I'm a firm believer that the sea cures a multitude of aches, and that laughing until you cry is the best medicine. I love Christmas time and have a weakness for winter walks in the snow accompanied by our four-legged whirlwind aka our dog Nala.

the Vision and Purpose

I think there is nothing more intimate and healing, than feeling seen for who you truly are. I believe that when you share the beauty that lies within yourself and experience the gift of being seen and appreciated for it, it empowers you like nothing else does.

For me, photography is a way to connect with people and to enable them to see and feel the beauty that is within and around them. Not the superficial beauty of a magazine cover, but the one, that resonates deep within. It's a way to celebrate the magic in the mundane and the power in the poetry of everyday life.

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